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  • Sony Cine Europe 2014

    Sony Cine Europe 2014

    This event was hosted by Sony Pictures Releasing for the 2014 CineEurope Trade Show in Barcelona. The purpose was to promote various films and have a World Cup viewing. Bright Events worked as Event Consultant and on the ground Producer for the event agency 1540 of Los Angeles.

  • Sony Cine Europe 2012

    Sony Cine Europe 2012

    This event was hosted by Sony Pictures Releasing for the 2012 CineEurope Trade Show in Barcelona. It promoted the films Total Recall, The Amazing Spider Man and the latest James Bond film, Sky Fall. Bright Events worked as Event Consultant and on the ground Producer for the event agency 1540 of Los Angeles.

  • Nokia Phone Launch

    Nokia Phone Launch

    For the second year running, Bright Events ran the on the ground activities of the experiential campaign by KLP for the Nokia Navigator GPS phone launch at the Mobile World Conference 2008. It involved tours of the city in both cars and tuk-tuks from the specially created media lounge.

  • Samsung Cocktail MWC

    Samsung Cocktail MWC

    BI&HBS and Bright Events organized this dinner party for Samsung during the 2010 Mobile World Congress. All creative and production elements including artist entertainment were provided.

  • MTV Hugo Boss Madrid

    MTV Hugo Boss Madrid

    This the Madrid leg of a 5 city European tour to promote the Trip program on MTV sponsored by Hugo Energize.

  • X06 XBOX Convention

    X06 XBOX Convention

    BI & HBS Worldwide and Bright Events were involved in all aspects including location hire, catering, hostesses and transport for the annual XBOX convention for European top media, partners, publishers and developers. The primary responsibility was the Hospitality Event at Danzatoria. With direction from Kazoo, we supplied the location, creative concept, musical talent, physical production, catering including bars as well as all hostesses.

  • Corona Save the Beach

    Corona Save the Beach

    The Grand Finale of the 2008 Corona Save the Beach campaign was held in London with a party and a fashion show featuring none other than Bar Raffeli. Bright Events was the on the ground partner to the Spanish agency, Mr. Goldwind.

  • MOFILM Awards

    MOFILM Awards

    Bright Events was the on the ground production agency for the 2010 MOFILM Awards. These were for the best films made for mobile phones. This was presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

  • Studio 2010 - World Cup South Africa

    Studio 2010 - World Cup South Africa

    BI&HBS provided the concept and Bright Events was the on the ground production agency for Studio 2010. This was a multi-purpose event space purposely created for the 2010 WorldCup period in Cape Town, South Africa. Clients included Sony Ericsson, Budweiser and many more.

  • Sony Cinema Expo 2008 : Quantum of Solace

    Sony Cinema Expo 2008 : Quantum of Solace

    The party of the Cinema Expo convention at the RAI in Amsterdam, June 2008. This party was hosted by Sony Pictures Releasing and had a James Bond - Quantum of Solace theme.

  • Pepsi Incentive with Thierry Henry

    Pepsi Incentive with Thierry Henry

    Bright Events acted as on the ground support supplying all production for the Pepsi incentive trip for prize winners to meet and play with Thierry Henry. Bright Events assisted Active Sports Management.

  • EA Sports

    EA Sports

    This was a combination press promotion and motion capture event in Barcelona. Ronaldinho and Sergio Ramos among other were filmed for the FIFA 08 video game. Bright Events was the on the ground production partner for Active Sports Management.

  • XBOX Halo 3 Launch

    XBOX Halo 3 Launch

    The Halo 3 international press launch took place in Amsterdam in July 2007. BI & HBS Worldwide role was as event consultant for Neon Ltd.creating the concept of a day of activities on the island Pampus and then a press conference on the Ocean Diva.

  • MTV Campari European Tour

    MTV Campari European Tour

    Bright Events was the on the ground agency for the MTV Sound System for various events in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The Campari Red Passion European tour to Dubrovnik, Athens, Venice, Ibiza and Barcelona; The Hugo Boss Energize Tour in Madrid and Amsterdam; The MTV Sonar Experience in Barcelona, the MTV Lounge during the Mobile World Congress as well as the Bread And Butter music sponsorship brokered by BI&HBS.

  • Censored : Cannes Film Festival

    Censored : Cannes Film Festival

    BI & HBS Worldwide created and developed the Censored event which we then produced for the Algarve Tourism board at Nikki Club during the Cannes Film Festival 2007 and for Nikki Club itself in 2008.

Bright Events, your team on the ground, from event concepts to event management and production. For product launches, experiential promotions, congresses and conventions or seminars and incentives, we have a team to assist you. Event services can also be provided. We can source all your needs including locations, accommodation, transport, staffing, catering, equipment and technical services to whatever else you might need.

In Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Valencia- all of Spain, Southern France, and Portugal.

Bright Events will make your event An EVENT ! “Not the same type of event as last year.” “This industry is never creative enough.” Heard it all before and want to ensure you never hear it again? Bright offers an international and open minded team backed by a strong network on the ground in all our territories to help you create the event that will stand out from the rest. Understanding your goals allows us to pay attention to the detail that is so necessary to succeed. We are not only your “Team On The Ground” but more importantly your “Cultural Translators” that will make your efforts in regions that do not have the same work ethic and motivation, as comfortable as you are accustomed to; for A Product Launch or Promotional Event, a Private Event, Congresses and Conventions, and Seminars and Incentives.

There is nothing like a first impression and that applies to both persons and products. Whether it is a product launch or a promotional event, Bright will make sure that all the attention will be for number 1. The supporting cast of locations, production, communication, catering, decoration, and talent will play their roles to perfection making it an oscar winning performance for you. One should also be aware of cultural variations. Bright Events is a division of the BI&HBS Group and has access to consultants that will make sure that your project translates to your target.

Might one wish to celebrate the end of an era with a grand retirement; or the end of a year with a birthday bash. Or the joining of two in a beautiful wedding, Bright Events will guarantee that this party will have no equal. Our experience allows us to look into the future to make sure that nothing could touch this special day.

Coordinating a conference can be one of the most time consuming experiences on a work calendar and especially difficult when the conference is due to be held in another country . Wouldn’t it be a lot more easier if you just focus on the content of your conference and your attendees? Bright can make it all possible with a choice of unique conference locations for all group sizes. Once you have chosen and we know your needs and goals then sit back and let us arrange all for you, from production and food & beverage to your on the ground transfers. We can arrange whatever you will need to make your conference successful for your organization and its attendees.

Not only suitable for your clients but for your employees as well, whom are one of your most important assets. It is important that you take the time and the energy to keep them
up to date with what is happening in your industry. It is also important to keep them motivated. You could even combine the two should you wish. Bright will make sure that all will be arranged to perfection. Nothing but a 5 star service to make sure that your clients or employees feel important and rewarded.

A great event is a collection of great services. Bright Events has throughout the years developed strong relationships with proven providers all over Europe. We make no distinction should you wish to have a full event or contract a simple service. Bright Event sis here to serve you. For Consulting, Decoration and Technic, Talent and Entertainment, Staffing, Public Relations and Printing, Catering and Bar Service, Stand Building, Film and Photography, Accommodation, Transport and Charters and Concierge services.

As part of the BI&HBS group, we have a wealth of creativity in house supported by a strong marketing background. That combined with the years of experience in the event industry gives Bright Events the insight to help you foresee that problem or get that extra value out of your event.
Might you have other commitments or is it more cost effective to get local crews, Bright Events has no difficulties working with other companies around the world to ensure that you get the best event imaginable.

One can not hold a great event without having a good supporting structure. Whether you need to use our creative decoration team or just work under your creative team. Sound, lighting, rigging, furniture, restrooms all have to be just right. The creative insight of the decorators have to add value to the event and not just be an afterthought. Bright Event Management works with proven providers that deliver quality and deliver it with pride.

We work with all major artists and managements across the globe and have programmed some of Europe’s biggest events and festivals . From Rock Bands, DJs, Jazz Bands, Flamenco or just a solo Artist; we have the knowledge and contacts to find the right talent for you along with Dancers,VJs, Circus Acts, Magicians and much more. So sit back and let us entertain you and your guests.

Staffing is one of the most important elements to source in any event as the staff will be representing you and will be in contact with your attendees, guests or audience. Add to this the fact that there could be a language barrier and a different work mentality in another foreign country makes it even more difficult to source the right staff. Bright has on its books and has access through various recruitment agencies the highest level of staff from Hostesses, Models, Bar staff, Drivers, Production crew and Security. All of the staff we supply are bilingual and will have an international professional approach to work which you and your guests are accustomed to.

It might seem insignificant but the best events with the best the world has to offer can go unnoticed if not communicated well enough. And what if there are five great events the same day ? Communication is more important these days than ever before. Bright Event Management has fast reliable suppliers for all types of print work as well as a team of highly social, attractive, multilingual persons to get your message across. Should you need something more specific such as a celebrity guest, publicity stunt or a guerrilla campaign then Bright has a worldwide network on hand to assist.

A sister division within the BI&HBS Group is Bar Experience, that specializes in Cocktails, Etiquette, Service and Bar Design . Bar Experience has a team of international mixologists that will serve your guests with that extra style and service.
Bright Events also works with Europe ́s leading caterers providing a wide range of choice from a simple coffee break, or a BBQ to international haute cuisine. Let Bright arrange a tasting for you to decide the appropriate menu for your event and then sit back and enjoy the food, service and of course that chilled cocktail.

It is our goal to challenge what has come before by providing stylish and cost effective solutions for your event. Our partners provide a personalized service tailored to each individual clients needs and expectations, working closely throughout from design concept right through to the design and construction of the stands. Their international award winning design team offers a highly skilled quality service specialized in Exhibition and Set Design, Furniture, Lighting and Product Development, while we at Bright make sure that it is delivered on time, on budget and exactly the way you want it.

You have just spent a large portion of your budget and you want to make the most of it. Let professionals capture the event or that particular moment so that you can use it far into the future. Whether it be just a picture or a dvd , pod cast or live transmission; Bright Events has its own in-house team to guarantee you that extra return on investment.
Or are you looking to shoot a commercial or film. We have proven partners that have worldwide experience and recognition.

Can't view the hotel room yourself? Don't trust the single photo of the apartment on the web page? How do you guarantee what you see is what you'll get? Let Bright take the stress and uncertainty away with our expertise and know-how by assisting with anything you might need during your stay in Barcelona. We will not only find the best rate at the most exclusive hotels, but ensure that you are treated with special consideration and care. So many times you choose the destination / city for your event but then you cant get suitable accommodation for all your attendees . Bright works with all main hotels and can get availability that has been blocked off.

Bright is delighted to offer you a variety of transfers and services to suit your needs. We can provide a personalized pick-up & drop off service from the airport to your accommodation, luxury mini-busses or coaches for all sizes of business groups, chauffeured luxury cars, limousines or helicopters to bring you wherever you need to go and back again...
We have the destinations. We have the sights . Now is your chance to reach them in style. Why not do it in ultimate luxury by jet, yacht or helicopter charter? Your Bright experience begins with you on the red carpet...boarding your private jet or yacht, sipping champagne in luxury.... imagine that first taste of what is yet to come...

Our sister division in the BI&HBS Group is Red Carpet Destination Design which for you is that man with the hat , the little bell to ring, that little black book that can get you those reservations or conveniences and give you that local knowledge. Red Carpet has agreements in other territories to ensure that where ever in the world one needs assistance, we will be there to help you.

One of the first steps in any event is finding the right location for your event. We work with local governments, councils and the private sector all across Europe and have a multitude of different locations ranging from castles, theaters and beaches, to working venues such as clubs and bars or just a plan simple convention space. Once you have chosen your location, we can advice and procure what licenses are required and make a full logistical plan and budget for that venue to make sure that it fits your overall event plan and budget.

There is more than meets the eye when choosing the city for your event or incentive. Does the city fit your visitor profile? Does it meet your budget profile? Where are your guests traveling from? Are there suitable hotels available on your dates? Do the event locations also have availability? A complicated chain that Bright Events knows inside and out. Make use of Bright Event’s experience and easily choose what is best for you.

Large, small, antique or iconic, there is so much choice but yet so little. Sometimes the right venue will raise your event to another level. Other times, you will not have to spend a cent on decoration. There are many factors that Bright Events can sort through for you to make sure that you get it just right. We have access to venues all over Europe.